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My son's favorite CD!

author: Julie and Josh Shapiro

This CD is fun to listen to and tells a story. My three yr. old and I sing the songs in the car all the time. His favorite song is "Feast". He adores Francie and we both are huge fans of hers!

I love this CD!!

author: Art G.

Very nice production values. You feel like you've been transported into a different world when listening. This is one CD that adults can enjoy with their kids! I can't wait for Francie's next album!!

My son's favorite music!

author: Jennifer M.

My son is a HUGE Francie Dillon fan and this CD is excellent. The combination of narration and songs weave such a wonderful story and the music is fun, lively, and nothing short of awesome. We love this CD!

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Parent’s Choice Approval Award

Best Newcomers Award
Tribune Media Services

“Enchanting collection of light pop tunes linked by absorbing narrative”
Disney’s Family Fun Magazine


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