francie dillon: ABOUT ME

“LIfe is not about running from the storm.... It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Let the music play so we can dance!

I find inspiration in sharing stories, songs and educational presentations for children and adults.  

Cheers to the joy of artist expression!

About Francie
Reading Aloud
Francie & Gordon Concerts

CHILDREN: Two wonderful daughters- Erin “Mackenzie” & Lindsey.  
HOME BASE: The city of trees, Sacramento, California. 
LOCAL FEEL GOOD STORY: Thanks to Suzette Riddle and Bob Graswich, The Sacramento Bee, I became the official “Voice of Fairytale Town”, a theme park with 25 play sets based on classic nursery rhymes, stories and fairytales.  Suzette believed in my abilities to write, record and perform the stories and songs  and Bob made that known to the Sacramento market.  These efforts resulted in a 2000 “Award of Excellence” CD thanks to the musical talents of Christopher Hedge with contributions by Art Grueneberger and Joseph Lemma. 

NATIONAL FEEL GOOD STORY: Working with my brother Chris, mentioned above, and sister Catherine Hedge, is every raw talents dream.  You go into a State of the Art Recording studio, wanting to record a few little songs and leave with a CD - called “The Toy Box” that wins the National Parents Choice Approval Award, Best Newcomers Award and featured in Disney’s Family Fun Magazine.  With my name, voice and songs on an award winning CD, I jumped into the world of children’s entertainment where later, I would be nominated for a Regional Emmy Award, ABC’s Channel 10 “Spirit of California” Award, Blue Diamonds Growers Community Gem Award and Just Plain Folks, Storytelling Award.